I started playing Classical Piano at age 5- Herman Suede

Herman Suede, Ghanaian Musician

By Seli Baisie

Versatile young Ghanaian Musician, Jason Herman Bortei- Doku popularly known as Herman Suede says he started music at the age of 5 by playing Classical Piano.

According to him, he was enrolled in Classical Piano by his parents and over the years developed passion for music

Speaking on GTV’s Breakfast Show, the 18-year-old Musician, disclosed his parents are passionate about music and that has influenced his career choice.

‘’Music is in my family. My siblings play as well. We all play an instrument.”

Jason studied Classical Piano Music, and Music Theory throughout High School and now pursuing a degree in Business Management.

“I want to broaden my scope by venturing into a subject area that would give me a better knowledge as to how to market myself as a Musician”, he said.

The African Prince stated that the passion and drive to make change, made him choose the course he is studying now.

“I’ve always been business-minded. Right from High School, I’ve always come out with little business ideas. So, choosing Business was actually, a subject area that was easy for me,” he said.

Herman Suede specializes in Afrobeats, however, drawn to other genres of music.

He said on a normal day, he would listen to Hip Pop, R&B and something soothing and relaxing.

The young Singer and Songwriter has released a 5 track EP, dubbed “Bitter Sweet”.

He also explained why he choose the name “Bitter Sweet” for his EP saying love is not what people perceive it to be, that love is a bitter-sweet experience and that’s what his EP is about.

The young Musician is an lnternational, Bachelorette Diploma holder in Music and has received the SRC Eruba Excellence Award.

In 2018, Herman made history by hosting his own concert dubbed “After Prep” to raise funds for an abandoned Foster Home called Frafraha. He is also known for his catchy hooks, lyrical ability and unique fashion sense.

Watch the full interview below;


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