Obonu FM was awarded a special award at this year’s 23rd GJA Awards for its dedication and quality programmes on the airwaves.

Obonu FM is the regional station for the indigenous people of Ga –Dangme community.

It was started on 1st July 2001 in studio A of GBC in Accra and was later relocated to Tema in July 2005.

Obonu which literally means Talking Drum in Ga, was initiated to give credence to the indigenous people of Ga-Dangme and the residents of Greater Accra. Obonu FM helps the language and traditions of the Ga-Dangmes to survive in the midst of other languages and traditions in the Greater Accra Region.

It transmits on the frequency of 96.5 Megahertz and is strategically situated in Tema Community One, Site 21 on the Baba Yara road.

Over the years, Obonu FM has transitioned itself from being one of the radio stations in Accra to becoming the official radio station of the Ga-Dangme community. It strives to display the rich culture and tradition through its programme content and music and provides a platform for the people to express their concerns.

As the talking drum of the community, our strength comes from the uniqueness and the identity of our people.

Obonu FM can be heard in parts of Eastern, Central and Volta regions of the country. It broadcasts via the internet to the indigents in the diaspora.

Obonu FM has won nine (9) Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) Awards and still counting. Some of the awards include Best Radio Journalist and Best Ga Programmes. The station won the Best Ga Programme in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013 through its unique programme dubbed “Kusum Gboo”, a cultural heritage programme that teaches the Ga-Dangme customs and norms. Obonu FM was awarded a special award at this year’s 23rd GJA Awards for its dedication and quality programmes.

However there is the need for more training of producers, so that our programmes can become better in this era of competition.

Obonu has 28 branches of the Obonu FM fan clubs, with members, who promote and protect this Regional station with a passion. It is the hope of the members of these Fun Clubs, to see their radio personalities who they have grown to love, being featured on their Television Station, Obonu TV. This could ultimately, by God’s grace, result in more revenue for the Corporation.

It is our resolve as a torch-bearer to serve our people, and continue to promote their needs.

Story by: Rebecca EKPE

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