“The gospel industry in Ghana is winning”- Celestine Donkor

By Seli Baisie

Ghanaian Award-winning Gospel Minstrel, Celestine Donkor, has stated that the gospel industry in Ghana is shining and winning.

“We are in a season where it feels really good to say you are a Gospel Artiste, because to see Joe Mettle, won the Artiste of the Year, and Diana, it feels like we are all flying and taking the shine. It has come to calm some of the negative stuff and, on the globe, we are being heard,” she said.

Speaking one-on-one on the GTV Breakfast show, with Valerie Danso, the ‘Agbebolo’ hitmaker said some time ago, it was South Africa that was leading in Gospel music. Recently it has been Nigerians, very soon it will be Ghana.

The Gospel Singer, also said she has not rested since the release of ‘Agbebolo’ which happens to be her biggest hit song so far.

She explains further that she takes inspiration from South Africa and her playlists consist of South African music.

When asked about what went into the making of the song, ‘Only You’, she said it was born out of personal experience.

“This one I had a group of friends, we had issues like 2 years ago in our private lives, and we decided that we will be meeting and praying about it. We prayed concerning these personal issues, and how God miraculously answered each one of us. We didn’t get any mighty man of God to lay hands on us and cast out anything, but just by meeting and agreeing to pray, the lord did wonders. I mean including one of them, a fruit of the womb and we just prayed and trusted God, one of them, the husband, had syphilis and it was impossible, according to the Doctor for them, to have children. By the Grace of God and our little prayers, the lord answered. So, the song was born out of this experience. It’s a testimony song, telling the wonders the lord has done,” she said.

She advised the public to form prayer groups, to go on their knees and pray, not only hang at bars, drink and eat.

Celestine added, she is very grateful to her followers and glad her song is touching lives and urged her followers to like and share her song.

Celestine Donkor recently released her latest single, ‘Only You’ which has garnered a lot of plays on the airways, and it’s available on all streaming platforms.

Watch Full Video Of The Interview Below;


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