You don’t need magical voice to be Voice-Over Artistes- Jay Foley

Voice-Over Artistes
Radio and TV Personality, Jay Foley.

By Seli Baisie

Ghanaian Media Personality and Entrepreneur, Jay Foley has revealed that voice-over acting is a huge employment avenue that has been neglected and one does not need a magical voice to act as a voice artiste.

Voice-over is simply a piece of narration in a film or broadcast with no images attached to them.

Speaking on GTV’s Breakfast Show, Jay Foley gave a detailed explanation on what to know about voice acting.

According to the Voice-Over Artiste, there is nothing like a ‘good voice’ once you can speak, you can do voice-overs.

“Once you can speak, you can always train your voice to fit a particular kind of product. We have people who sound perfect for dairy products, we have people who sound perfect for beverage products, and we have people who sound perfect for movie trailers….. so, every voice would fit a certain particular kind of project. So never limit yourself, anyone who walks into my office, I keep saying don’t say you don’t have a good voice. What is a good voice?” he asserted.

The CEO of Radio Advertising People Limited also submitted that there are fundamentals when it comes to voice-overs so one needs guidance.

“There are some fundamentals to voice overs where you need to understand that, just as a rapper, will be able to arrange words in a certain way, in a certain rhythm, to make sense and create a certain movement and understanding, a voice artiste also speaks words professionally, in a certain artistic way so you can understand. There is a simple rule in to voice-overs we say that pronounce every single word as if it were the first word of the sentence. You don’t have to run over any word. So, we artistically pronounce words that’s what voice-over artistes do,” he noted.

The Entrepreneur also mentioned that there is no structured market for those who do voice overs and those who do radio commercials and that led him into the establishment of his company ‘Radio Advertising People Limited’ that specifically does radio commercials.

He added: “Sixteen years down the line, we manage to create a one-stop-shop for companies that want to produce commercials. And one-stop-shop for Artistes who are interested in doing voice overs. Many years ago, there was nothing like that.”

Below is the full interview;

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