The Korle-Klottey Municipal Assembly has scrapped off bills and posters which have been advertised on public structures within their supervision. These include posters and banners of political parties, church events, institutions and other individuals.

Some workers were spotted by GBC’s reporter around the Ako Adjei interchange scrapping and peeling off the advertisements even to the extent of wetting the walls to soak the papers.

The exercise began in mid of July and ended last week. It included areas such as the Ako Adjei interchange, King Tackie overhead (Kanda), the Osu Oxford street and other places in the Assembly.

Chairman of the Municipal, Henry Kotey, who spoke to GBC, explained that the move this time is to ensure that the practice is to contribute to the clean environment agenda and ensure that the act does not reoccur within the jurisdiction of the Assembly.

He said persons who sleep under the bridges have been consistently sacked from the area, but new persons have been identified after some days.

He said that, “with the aid of the taskforce for night patrols who have been arranged to be on guard at night to arrest culprits, it will be possible to prevent people from revisiting the act, since people take advantage of the night times to achieve their desires of posting flyers.”

Mr Kortey said strict monitoring and measures will be carried hence forth to arrest offenders instantly and proceed to prosecute them.

He mentioned that some culprits who were reached through their contacts on the posters and warned have pleaded to authorities to forgive them.

Warnings about defacing of national properties have been done severally over the years. However, culprits have decided to turn a death ear to it. Efforts to remove the bills and punish offenders are not news to the country and have not been effective.

Story By: Nhyira Kwabi.

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