Chopology: Etor (Sweet Plantain)


By Soyokour Quarcoo Tchire

Here we are again to usher you into our CHOPOLOGY Kitchen for what’s on our menu. Today we take you through simple steps of preparing Etor, but this time using unsweetened plantain. This is a traditional meal mostly eaten by royals in their homes, a bride who is preparing for marriage and a girl child who has her time of the month for the first time. This variety of Etor is common in the homes of Ashantis and Kwahu but sometimes Akuapem. Rich in almost all the nutritional supplements needed in the growth of the human body, let’s teach you how to prepare this sumptuous and simple meal (Etor).

In preparing Etor, ingredients such as plantain, pepper, onions, salted fish (Koobi), fermented fish (Momoni), groundnut paste, groundnut, palm oil, boiled egg, pear and salt to taste. How is all this put together and presented on a plate? Wash your plantain, add water and put it on fire, wash your pepper and add it to the plantain on fire, cover it up and wait for at least 10 minutes to cook. While you wait, soak the Koobi in water for the salt around it to wash away. About 8 minutes into it, add the Koobi to the plantain for it to cook together. Do not add salt to it while it’s on fire. While these are on fire to be cooked, wash your onions and pepper, grind them into a paste. Add the groundnut paste and grind it together into a mixture. In about 10 minutes, your plantain will be ready. Pour the palm oil into a cooking bowl and place it on fire and put the Momoni in to fry for a while, remove and add it to the mixture in the earthenware bowl and grind together, then, add salt to taste. Pour out the water around the plantain, remove the plantain and grind it one after the other so it doesn’t become lumpy. After the plantain is properly ground together it becomes dough, add the palm oil to get its light reddish colour. While in the earthenware bowl, garnish it with the avocado and koobi. Then sprinkle your groundnuts on it. Your sumptuous Etor is ready. Etor is always eaten in the earthenware bowl, for the people of Kwahu, Okro is added to give it a slimy touch.

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