Chopology: Egushi Stew

Egushi stew

By Shirley Annan

How about another treat for today? Egushi, Agushi or Akitua stew made from melon seeds is a popular Ghanaian dish served with any carbohydrate of your choice. These seeds are rich in fat and protein, vital for growth. It’s fortified with essential minerals and vitamins which promote eye vision, and improves the skin and hair. It’s easy to prepare and has a great taste. Join us on Chopology as we walk you through the process and preparation of Agushi stew.

First the ingredients needed, already blended melon seeds, salted fish, koobi, salmon, some mackerel, boiled crabs and wele. We also have on standby the already blended tomatoes with onions, diced onions, palm oil, blended pepper, turkey berries which is optional and some salt to taste.

On medium heat, put your palm oil in your saucepan and bring to boil. Add the stinky fish and allow it to simmer for some minutes

Add the already chopped onions and then your blended pepper, stir and leave on the fire for some minutes. Pour in the blended tomatoes with onions. Meanwhile, in a separate pan, cook your blended agushi until it attains some level of dryness. This is to prevent a partially cooked stew.

Back to the stew, add your koobi for taste, then the rest of the fish, salmon, mackerel. Stir gently to prevent the fish from breaking up. Add any seasoning of your choice

Time to add the crabs and wele and then a little salt. Wait for a bit and gradually add the already cooked agushi, stirring gently.

After a few minutes on the fire, it is ready to serve. It can be eaten with boiled yam, cocoyam, plantain and rice. Food is ready, let’s dig in!

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