Chopology: Frying Kena (Fried Fish)

kena fish

Today on CHOPOLOGY, we visited the Teshie Sangoonaa and made a good bargain. We got some assorted small fish and we were lucky to find a fishmonger willing to fry it for us we would buy from the street vendor. Let’s take you through these simple steps in getting your crispy kena.

So today on CHOPOLOGY, it’s a craving for some Kena so off to the Teshie Sangoo Naa we go. We were right on time as the fishermen were back from sea with the catch. These fishes came fresh from the sea and a few minutes of haggling over prices we struck a good deal. Auntie Naa, a fishmonger agreed to fry for us just as we buy from the street vendor at a small price. She fetched some sea water and washed the fish, she dressed those fish which are a little bigger and dropped them all in a saucepan and poured tap water onto it. She added a pinch of salt. A medium-sized pan is placed on fire and vegetable oil poured into it. When the oil is hot the fish is placed in it. It is turned at regular intervals until it is cooked. Useful tip- you will know the fish is cooked when the foamy oil on top the content disappears. Serve your fish with hot Ga kenkey, banku or any food of your choice.

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