GBC’s Editor in Chief Rebecca Ekpe goes all out for Public Affairs Office of GJA

GBC’s Editor in Chief Rebecca Ekpe goes all out for Public Affairs Office of GJA
Rebecca Ekpe, Editor-In-Chief,

By Rachel Kakraba

Editor-In-Chief, and multiple award winner of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Rebecca Ekpe, has put herself up to contest in the upcoming GJA elections. She is vying for the position of Public Affairs Officer of the Association.

The elections slated for June 24, 2022 is a major step by the Association to restore confidence in its leadership. The elections originally scheduled in October 2020, stalled as a result of misunderstanding among some members which later culminated into a Court issue.

With all the outstanding issues which included integrity of the voters register resolved, the much anticipated GJA elections will take place simultaneously on Friday 24th June 2022 at all designated polling centres across the country. It will elect into office new executives who will steer the affairs of the Association for the next three years.

Positions to be filled include President, Vice President, Treasurer, General Secretary, Organizing Secretary and Public Affairs Officer. With the road cleared, multiple Ghanaian Journalist Award Winner with Ghana’s State Broadcaster, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, GBC, Rebecca Ekpe has declared her intention to contest the position of Public Affairs Officer.

Rebecca Ekpe has a Communications/Media background with emphasis in Journalism, politics, elections democracy and citizens’ engagement. She has multiple years of experience researching, studying and working in the area of Journalism and media and Elections related advocacy projects.

Currently, she is Head of GBC Online with oversight and harnessing support for GBC’s digitalization agenda.

During Ghana’s 2016 Presidential Election, Rebecca served as a Media Analyst, working with Women’s Situation Room-(WSR)-a UNDP funded project and a peace building mechanism, which supported Ghanaian women to make their voices heard and ensured the election was successful. She also served on the GBC’s Political Broadcast Committee with the mandate to ensure equal time, space and fair opportunity in reportage for the Political parties.

She is a self-motivated journalist and has over the years been a human rights advocate who has championed opportunities for the voiceless and vulnerable through constant reporting, writing and editing etc.

Madam Ekpe Manages multiple projects at the GBC and the Ghana Journalists Association GJA. She is innovative and contributed to establishing the Novel Project Management Unit for the GJA, (PMU), with oversight over implementation of projects.

She is selfless and passionate about her work and has spearheaded a series of training opportunities for especially young journalists to sharpen their skills in reporting on specific social issues such as child labour, migration, the local government architecture etc. all in a bid to ensure there is deliberate constant reportage on such marginalized areas as it has direct impact on the larger population.

As an aspirant to the office of Public Affairs, Rebecca Ekpe, hopes to deliver service with integrity and build a more inclusive GJA.

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