Kaneshie Market footbridge in bad state

By: Rachel Kakraba
Commuters who use the Kaneshie Market footbridge for safe crossing to and from the market, have raised alarm at the rusty iron bolts, which makes the bridge shake badly. They said the current state of the bridge is a threat to life and property.
Some commuters who spoke with GBC News in Accra, are therefore appealing to the relevant authorities to undertake urgent repairs on the bridge to prevent any disaster.
“The overhead, it is shaking, last time some woman fell on it”
“If there is no much attention towards this bridge, then I don’t know where we are going”.
“The manner in which the traders sell on the footbridge is very bad if the government can get them a place for them to trade , it will help solve all of this problems”.
“When there is a lot of people on  it and then the traders that are on both sides it makes it difficult to pass over the bridge”.
“The Footbridge shakes even right now I can feel the way it is shaking and I think they need to fix this thing” said Anthony.
Samuel Duodo said,” I use it quite often and I haven’t really felt it. probably my mind has not gone there, but now I can feel a little shaking” I think the engineers and professionals should come and check it”.
The Kaneshie market area has two footbridges designed for easy and safe crossing of the busy Kaneshie/Odorkor Highway for pedestrians. However, it has become a haven for hawkers, pastors and beggars.
Preachers for instance mount heavy speakers, megaphones and public address systems to spread the word of God. On the stairs too, are beggars with polythene bags and containers splitting for alms.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, a Community Police Assistant who ensures sanity within the area, attributed the poor condition of the footbridge to activities of hawkers that exert excessive pressure, especially on the bigger footbridge.
“It is about time bye-laws of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly became more biting to drive encroachers away from the foot bridge”, he said.
Some traders who sell around the footbridge had this to say.
“I was around during the construction of the overhead bridge. Often authorities come round to inspect its state. I believe they are aware of this development and would soon fix it” said Daavi.
Another  trader, Akua said, “this is where I  sell, around the footbridge. Although, it shakes it does so only when there is a lot of pressure on it, but if it is normal pedestrians using it is normal. Since usually lots of activities go on here, I will plead immediate attention is given to prevent an accident’.
Meanwhile, the smaller footbridge which was in quite a good shape as at the time of visit had also been taken over by traders.


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