La-Paz choked drains-Disaster awaits!

By Micheal Boivi

Residents of La Paz Fishpond in the Ga South Municipality are appealing to the government to reconstruct their drainage systems. The residents say though they have made several appeals to the Assembly through their Assemblyman, the issue is yet to receive attention.

In an interview with GBC News, the residents said the current state of the drainage in the community exposes them to severe flooding with the slightest rain.

Erica Yayra is a Food Vendor, she complained that her business is affected negatively whenever it rains, because moving around becomes very cumbersome. She also said she had been living in the community for ten years, and the situation was better when the drainage was newly constructed.

For now the drains are choked with sand and rubbish.

‘’I have been living here for 10 years now, there was an improvement when the new drainage was constructed. Some few years ago, but, for some time now when it rains the drains get choked with sand and rubbish, the water can’t flow as it’s supposed to and this causes floods”. 

Another resident, Bright Amenuku, who said he had lived in the community for almost 27years, also narrated his experience, with regard to the situation.

He disclosed that the attention of the Assembly Members 

had been drawn to the issue on many occasions, but to no avail. 

“Fish pond, I have lived here for almost 27years and anytime it rains the place gets flooded, just a few days ago when it rained the place got flooded and we need the Assemblyman to do something about our drainage system because the drains are too small to contain the water. We have been to the Assemblyman place several times but nothing is being done”.

Prince, a Pupil of the Presbyterian Preparatory School told Our News Reporter that Schools are forced to close down when it threatens to rain, this is because, everywhere will be flooded, sometimes trapping them indoors.

“Whenever it’s about to rain, no matter the time we have to go home, because when it rains and we are still here there will be no way for us to go to home, We beg the Assemblyman to come and construct the drains for us so that whenever it rains or not we have our peace of mind”, the Pupil said.



  1. It’s very disturbing and disheartening…no one seems to care…. even covered drains are chocked with garbage…. Infact “I can’t think far”… sometimes when I walk in town I feel like weepiing Ahhhh!!! Ghana!! WHEN???Hmmm !!!🤔


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