Chopology: Prep for Palava Sauce

Palava sauce

By Soyoquour Quarcoo Tchire

This dish often consists of a mixture of meat and smoked fish and any other protein of your choice all cooked in one pot. It is believed the source of the name of this stew, palava sauce, originated from the people of Elmina in the Central Region.

Palava sauce is a good accompaniment to boiled yam, plantain, rice, cocoyam and any other carbohydrate of your choice. Join us on CHOPOLOGY to find out the best way to prepare tasty palava sauce.

To prepare tasty palava sauce, you need Nkontomire/cocoyam leaves, tomatoes, turkey berries which are optional, onions, scotch bonnet pepper, smoked mackerel and tuna, melon seed or what is popularly known as Agushie, palm oil, salted fish or momoni (this is optional) and salt. In this video, we will add steamed chevon, wele and crabs for that extra delicious taste. After all, there is a saying in Ga “loo pii fiitee wonu,” loosely translated “ too much meat does not make the soup go bad.” Now let’s get started. Soak melon seeds in water, set aside. Alternatively, you can use powdered agushie. Wash kontomire leaves with a generous amount of salt to prevent itching of hands when cutting. Cut kontomire into desired strips. Put the cut kotomire into a saucepan with little water and place on high heat. Cover and bring to a boil. Turn the kontomire after about five minutes of cooking to make sure everything is cooked through. Turn off the fire and set aside. Blend two onions, tomatoes, pepper and turkey berries together, set aside. Remove the flesh of the mackerel and tuna and break into pieces, add turn and ready in minutes.

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