One of the major causes of conflicts in marriage is poor sexual satisfaction. Good sexual satisfaction helps married couples to have peaceful marriage. However, sexual dysfunction and loss of interest in sex are common problems affecting happy relationships in many homes.

To have sexual satisfaction, some women resort to the use of ‘Mama Gee’ while men including the youth  use  aphrodisiac to boost their sexual performance.

In this report, Kennedy Nyarko, looks at aphrodisiac and why some men and women rely on it to enhance their sexual performance.

For many couples, a happy sex life is key to long-term happiness. Sexual dysfunction and loss of interest in sex are however common and affects sexual happiness and relationships in many homes.

A result of low performance in bed, some men, have resorted to  aphrodisiac to enhance their sexual performance.

Aphrodisiac is a substance that increases one’s libido. It also address fertility problems or Secondary Sexual dysfunction such as erectile problems.

Most aphrodisiacs contain herbs, roots, and fruits such as tiger nuts, coconuts, ginger, ‘prekese’ and lemon.

Aphrodisiac drinks are sold in hotels, restaurants and traditional bars popularly known as ‘blue kiosks’ in every part of the country.

There are different kinds of aphrodisiac mainly alcoholic drinks which some men believe enhance sexual performance. These include; wobetu, Adonko, kpoo keke, Joy Daddy, Alomo Bitters, Amen.

A cross section of the public shared their views on what aphrodisiac does. Teye Mensah who sometimes uses the substance says he takes it for fun as he does not believe it raises ones libido.

A bar attendant at Okaishie in Accar, Kojo said aphrodisiac beverages are the ones that sell most as they received most patronage by both males and females.

Aphrodisiac beverages although good for the body can sometimes be dangerous .

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