What residents of Kasoa think about 2023 Budget

What residents of Kasoa think about 2023 Budget
By: Kweku  Okyere

Kasoa is one of the fastest growing communities in Ghana, it is located in the south-eastern part of the Ghana. Kasoa is about 31km away from the Capital. Although geographically it is located in the Awutu Senya East Municipality of the Cent part of it is still considered to be in the Ga South Municipal. The municipal which first, was a district when established, was carved out of the former – Awutu Senya Assembly in 2012 and established as a Municipality by legislative Instrument (LI) 2025. The Municipality covers a total land area of about 108,004 sq. km.

 Kasoa, is now a cosmopolitan town because, it is inhibited by different West-African countries like Nigerians, Togolese, Liberians and Sierra Leoneans


Historical analysis of the people of Kasoa’s population between 1970 and 2022 highlights the enormous population growth the area has experienced for the past 40 year. According to the population and housing census these are the figures of how appreciative the population of the inhabitants of Kasoa has increased.

In 1970 the total population was 863 but in 1984 the population was 2,597. In 2000, 2010 and 2022, Kasoa has recorded 35,000, 75,000 and 135,000 in population respectively. This record shows a rapid increase and growth of the population of the people of Kasoa.

Economic Activities

The people of Kasoa are involved in trade and commerce. Most people are seen day in and out doing their buying and selling. This very key activity of the area is what attracts most people, not only people from corporate organizations to move to the place. In as much as the people of Kasoa cry about limited market space, intense traffic jam and poor sanitation, people and observers have concluded that relatively lower cost of variables like housing, lands and rent  as compared to Accra has sent a lot of people to this place.

Health And Education

Over the years due to the increase in number of residents, there is a visible economy built around health and education and that has led to a number of schools and health center the area can boast off.


The mass migration  to Kasoa over the decade   has led to massive increase in crime rate. Also, it has brought a deficit in the Police to citizens ratio. The frequent incidents of criminal and robbery cases have put  residents in fear .This has led to a 24 hour Police patrol in the area to curb any menace that could arise from there.


The political organization of Odupongkpehe/Kasoa is “semi-traditional.”  This can be considered to follow the framework of a centralized system. It is a society ruled by a chief whose authority is to be recognized by all who live within the established boundaries of his territory. Odupongkpehe/Kasoa is also politically supported by administrative and judicial institutions.

Expectations from the Budget Reading

The people of Kasoa expect much from the Finance Minister, as he presents the budget for the upcoming year.

The indigenes of Kasoa said they have poor roads, hence they expect the Minister to speak to issues concerning road construction. Again others said the hike in transportation as a result of increase in fuel is also another area they are expecting the minister to talk about.

Drivers lamented on how passengers have being fighting them so if the Minister could help put this canker away it will be of great benefit to the State.

Most of the youth and parents are also skeptical about the adjustments and/or increase in the allowances of National Service Personnel.

Some also expect the Minister to increase the salary of workers. They say they expect the Minister to increase salaries by 50 percent, so that people there too can purchase goods and services.

In addition to the above statement, others expect that all project left abandoned by government which started from the previous government should be in the budget.


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