Blogging has taken me to the World – Ameyaw Debrah

Ameyaw debrah


Entertainment and lifestyle blogger, Ameyaw Debrah, has revealed that blogging has taken him to different places in the world. 
He said, “I will say it has taken me to the world. In fact, it has taken me far. I’ve been to Brazil, Barcelona, Rotterdam, France, almost every place I wanted to be and not just go there but also participate in activities, designs that, growing up and consuming media, I wanted to be part of. Yes, I’ve been to Asia. I passed through Singapore briefly, so that is the key part,” he stated on GTV’s breakfast show.
He, however, recounted how he ate the weirdest food in South Africa. 
“We went to South Africa. We tried something. I was with one other media person from Ghana. We didn’t know what it was, but she termed it as ‘Ebunu Ebunu South Africa style. It was a soup that was green, and it wasn’t our green soup. It tasted weird. I think I was the most adventurous to finish it while everybody was reserved and not going for it. So that was actually the weirdest. The weirdest because I still don’t know what the reason is, but I ate it,” he said.  
Nevertheless, the lifestyle blogger stated that he would love to visit Australia and also be invited to the Grammy and Oscar. 
I think I’m left with Australia to visit. That is one of the places on my bucket list. I think, out of that thing, that the thing I want to be part of is only left with the Grammys and the Oscars, and once I’m able to attend and experience it, I now know that I have really arrived,” he added.

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