Demands on expenditure of Presidential Travels is basic democratic principle of transparency- Kumadoe

By Abraham Donkor

Security Consultant, Richard Kumadoe says the public and relevant institutions are right demanding the cost involved in Presidential travels. He said such disclosures do not in any way affect national security operations, but rather lends credence to the basic democratic principle of transparency. 

Speaking to GBC News, Mr. Kumadoe said in advanced democracies, these issues are made public.  

”There are inner city, local, national, regional and international cities and towns that will host a sitting President for various reasons; official and unofficial, and to some extent, personal Presidential visits do occur intermittently. Which of these movements of a sitting president (whilst in office) should be made known to the general public, prior to departure in line with transparent governance protocols, privacy guidelines”

‘For the purposes of national security intelligence considerations, I seriously believe it’s not possible to keep all the President visits, and movements secret, and to the chest of National Security Operatives, particularly the international ones, which involves brief handing over ceremonies in line with statutory democratic requirements which are expected to strictly follow implementation methodologies that are public in nature”.

Mr. Kumadoe said, ”the best judgement is required, confidentiality of actual internal operations is key for safety, democratic principles are greatly important, and national security and sovereignty is crucial in the face of global geopolitics and safety of VIPs and VVIPs”, he posited.

Mr. Kumadoe called for a more rigorous discourse on the matter.


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