Cattle rearing, plastic waste business, chaos consumes Nima/ Kanda Highway

Cattle rearing, plastic waste business, chaos consumes Nima/ Kanda Highway

By Lucy Mawufemor Kpeglo

About half of the Nima road leading to Berlin Bridge has been used for the rearing of cows and storage of plastic waste causing nuisance and an eye sore.

Quite apart from that it affects the movement of vehicles and other commuters.

The plastic materials by the side of the road has interfered with the free flow of traffic. It is made up of different kinds of abandoned bottles, bags, and packaging materials. Due to the need for drivers to maneuver around the waste, there is more traffic during peak hours, which causes delays.

Drivers who are usually frustrated when using the road shared their experience with GBC News say, “It is very frustrating and sad to know that we need to struggle on this road to reach our destination due to human intentional behavior which they are aware of how bad it is affecting others” a driver said.

The cow-rearing activity and waste storage causes an unhealthy environment where individuals buy and sell food on the same road.

Mariama Issah said “ we live in fear over here . Sometimes I feel sick because of the environment I live in. Apart from getting stuck in traffic for long, I will also get home and buy unhealthy food to eat. Look at how they are selling food in the surrounding without any worry”.

Persons domiciled in the area have expressed concerns about the use of the shoulders of the Nima Road for cattle.

According to them, the City authorities ought to take steps to address the issue before it gets out of hand.

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