Prof. Amin Alhassan appointed onto Executive Council of African Union of Broadcasting

GBC DG responds to Auditor General's Report on ''unearned salary''
Professor Amin Alhassan - GBC DG

The Director-General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), Professor Amin Alhassan, has been appointed to the decision-making body of the African Union of Broadcasting (AUB).

The appointment to the Executive Council at AUB’s 26th annual meeting comes at a time when GBC is advocating the use of Utra-High Frequency (UHF) band for the survival of broadcasting.

Speaking to GBC Online, Professor Amin Alhassan encouraged African broadcasters to unite and persuade governments to ensure that they get it clear that there is no way that the UHF band will be shared with Telcos.

“This ultra-high-frequency band is very limited. It used to be exclusively for broadcasting. Now the Telcos use to operate on a different band but now they have exhausted those areas and they also want the UHF band to be given to them to also operate. It’s such that when you allocate it to somebody, nobody can use it. So, increasingly they are putting pressure on the reserved space for broadcasting.”

“The Telcos started Momo, we thought they were joking before they realized they are getting more money than banks. When they start or crowd us out of this UHR band very soon, they will also start distributing content. Broadcasting is an essential part of a democracy that is why it must be defended and preserved at all times so that nobody can jeopardize or put stress on the ability to do free to air broadcasting,” he stressed on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.
Prof. Amin Alhassan appointed onto Executive Council of African Union of Broadcasting


According to Professor Amin Alhassan, the safety of journalists and training are some areas that the AUB dedicates its resources to.

“We have got a very beautiful centre in Algeria where AUB has designated as our training centre. So very soon, Algeria will be the location where African journalists will be sent to do training.”

He also mentioned the cost of Sports Rights as one of the issues he would be championing.

Professor Amin Alhassan will serve on the board for the next two years.


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