Ensuring clean environment by using renewable energy

Renewable Energy
Dr. Emmanuel Tachie Obeng, Acting Director of the Climate Change Unit, EPA

By: Mercy Nimo

Stakeholders in the renewable energy sector are urging the public to be more concerned about ensuring a clean environment by using renewable energy.

They said if we avoid using fossil fuels and depend on the use of the wind, rain, sunlight, which serve as clean energy sources and protect the ozone layer and lives.

The call was made during a renewal energy seminar in Tema.

Ghana has not been left out of the impact of climate change and global warming.

To help in safeguarding the environment as well as the ozone layer for a safer life.

A civil society organisations, 350 Ghana Reducing Our Carbon (350 G-ROC) is encouraging the public to avoid the use of fossil fuels and adopt renewable energy sources to save the environment.

They embarked on seminars and campaign programs for women and students across the country.

The National Coordinator of the 350 Ghana Reducing Our Carbon (350 G-ROC), Mrs Portia Adu Mensah said it is important for everyone to practice waste segregation, planting of more trees and using more renewable energy sources to save the environmental.

Some students at the renewable energy seminar organised by the G ROC group show case their crafts using natural sources as well as waste products from the environment.

They shared their knowledge on safeguarding the environment.

The Tema Metropolitan Education Director Mrs. Bernice Ofori lauded the group and said promoting the health of the environment must be a concern to all.

The group was also awarded by the EduEnter group Ghana organisers of the Ghana environmental and Sanitation awards for their emense contribution towards promoting a safe environment.

The Acting Director of the Climate Change Unit at the Environment Protection Agency(EPA), Dr. Emmanuel Tachie Obeng said the economic and environmental crisis is largely attributed to human activities and could be prevented.

“Everyone need to be concerned and avoid practices that causes harm to the environment and lives”.

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