Road Safety Authority steps up directives ahead of Christmas festivities

Road Safety Authority
Madam Pearl Sateckla Adusu, Public Relations Officer, National Road safety Authority

By: Helena Agyei

The National Road Safety Authority has hinted of measures to strengthen road traffic regulations to maintain road safety ahead of the festive season.

Speaking to George Sappor on the Uniiq Breakfast Drive, Madam Pearl Sateckla Adusu, the Public Relations Officer for the Road Safety Authority said there has been an issue of compliance since the inception of the directives in 2020, but, the Road Safety Authority is working adequately to address the issue.

Madam Pearl Sateckla Adusu affirmed that there will be a reinforcement of the directives given in log books and the 2 drivers relay explaining that the directives are to ensure a significant reduction in road accidents during the festive season and beyond.

“We printed log books for them, but for some time now we’ve seen some form of relaxation in them. And so we are using this alert to remind them that the directive still holds and that our monitoring staff will strengthen their exercise so they should be alert and those who have relaxed should be aware and start abiding by the directives, “ she stated.

About the 2 drivers directive, she said there is going to be a mandatory re-training of drivers yearly, reviewing two drivers when the vehicle goes for more than 5 hours or 8 hours. Road safety officers will also be assigned to monitor these activities and randomly go to them to fetch information, and get their reflective experiences.

Madam Pearl Sateckla Gyasi also indicated that the team is working in collaboration with the Inspector General of Police and the Driver and Vehicle Licence Authority to create a strong enforcement team to ensure the effectiveness of the measures put in place. She added that their collaboration with the media will create enough awareness to help reduce road accidents during and after the festive season.

“We have created awareness through media, through outreach, we feel bored, but now we want to go on the grounds as we have started, we want to enforce regulations, we want to enforce directives, we want to enforce measures together with the DVLA, we go down to the ground practically so people will abide by the regulations out there just to educate and leave it like that,” she added.

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