Downpour cuts off six communities in Sene West


Six farming communities in the Sene West District of Bono East Region have been cut off from each other following torrential rains, which hit the area.

The downpour has flooded and worsened the deplorable condition of the roads linking the communities and left residents unable to travel and also to go to their farms.

The worst affected areas, the Ghana News Agency (GNA) learnt, were roads that linked Kwame- Danso and Dwankrom, Lassi and Menkor, Akyeremade as well as Akyeremade-Battor.

These stretches had been in deplorable condition for years, but residents lamented that successive governments had failed to reshape them to facilitate the movement of the people for their social and economic activities.

Speaking in a telephone interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Mr Joseph Owusu Brenya, a resident, said the residents had persistently appealed to the District Assembly and the Member of Parliament, but nothing had been done on the roads.
He said due to the bad conditions of the roads, the people were unable to go to their farms and their produce left rotten..

Mr Brenya appealed to the government to at least reshape the roads to make them motorable, saying because of the deteriorated nature of the road commercial drivers had refused to operate on them.

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