“We have not come far as a country”- Lawyer Zakaria Tanko

New Methodology on Press Freedom Indices by Reporters Without Borders was not ONLY applicable to Ghana – Tanko Musah tells Government
Lawyer Zakaria Tanko

By Nana Ama Gyapong

A Lecturer in Media Ethics at the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Lawyer Zakaria Tanko has revealed that what has the tendency to cause fear and panic in 1960 still has the tendency to do the same in the 21st Century. He made the point on the GTV Breakfast Show, on May 5, 2022.

Lawyer Zakaria Tanko
Lawyer Zakaria Tanko

According to Lawyer Tanko, all of us as citizens need to be blamed for our own actions because it reflects how our society is intolerant. He continued by saying “when you complain to the Police that somebody or a Media Personnel has made a statement that as far as you are concerned infringe this particular law, the Police have the responsibility to investigate”. Again, he said “most of the instances where Journalists have been arrested, the aim is not a legitimate one neither are the objects. The method and the way they go about it are so disproportionate”.

He added that “when crime happens, it has to be investigated which takes time, and talking about the death of a Journalist whether we like it or not is a serious negative impact in terms of our outlook and anytime we have these rankings it will always affect us because the death of the Journalists in Ghana has not been solved”.

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