The Ghanaian Times advises MPs to take the research conducted by the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana very seriously if they want to retain their seats in parliament. The research clearly underlines the fact that citizens hold parliamentarians accountable for what they do to exercise oversight responsibility over the executive. It says the research report has come at an opportune time to enable underperforming MPs to sit up if they want to win the hearts and minds of their constituents and retain their seats. The paper says it is an opportunity for the MPs to show voters that they are normal people who share the same ambitions and are doing their jobs in the interest of the people.

The Daily Graphic discusses on the banter between Ghana and Cote d’voire as far as cocoa farming is concerned. The paper says cocoa farmers deserve a bigger share of the pie that is a price that is optimal and comforting enough to sustain the industry from gradual decay. The paper says cocoa farming serves as a source of livelihood for millions of Ghanaians and is the top foreign exchange earner and the key sustaining the survival of the economy. The paper reminds the two top cocoa producing countries that the task they have set is a difficult one which will not succeed merely by withholding the sale of the cocoa beans to the end users. It therefore needs bold decisions by announcing a floor price for cocoa and seek to change the status quo in the cocoa business.

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