The Ghanaian Times applauds Ghana and Cote D’ivoire for finally coming together to work for the benefits of their disadvantaged cocoa farmers, who have for years toiled to produce the beans but have received little benefits for their output. It commends the efforts of the two governments to alleviate the poor financial position of cocoa farmers by determining a floor price that would ensure they are well remunerated. The Times calls on all stakeholders in the cocoa value chain to support the efforts to ensure a successful plain implementation. While at it, the paper urges government to create the enabling environment for the development of industries which can process the cocoa beans into butter and provide the needed incentives to local chocolate manufacturers to scale-up production to be able to compete globally for a fair share of the growing chocolate industry.

The Daily Graphic is worried that Ghana has shifted from studying and learning its local languages, to the extent that the educated Ghanaian can hardly speak one sentence in a local language, without interspersing it with a foreign language, mostly English. The paper says the slow pace of the development of the country can be blamed on the refusal to effectively use the mother language in the educational sector. It says it is not surprising that the current generation is copying all foreign things negative, and cannot identify themselves with their society because of the failure to teach them the mother language. The paper therefore asks parents to teach their children their local languages and not lose sight of the fact that when a language dies, a society is brought to an end.

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