The Daily Graphic welcomes the announcement by the Minister of Health that Ghana is holding discussions with other countries to train and export nurses to those countries. The paper describes the initiative as a  good  one as it will help solve the unemployment challenge in the country. The paper however, asks that everything  be done to produce quality professionals for more countries to benefit. The Graphic cautions the authorities  not to  just be anxious to export these professionals and overlook good negotiations to  avoid the nurses being short-changed at their destinations.

The Daily Heritage calls for prudent measures to curb the growing deviant behaviour in the Ghanaian society. The paper is worried that current  happenings in the country  is gradually eroding its image  as affable and peace loving people. It recalls a situation where a young man dared the police to shoot him simply because the Chairman of the NDC, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, had been picked up by the police for something only legal brains could handle. The paper therefore calls for the enactment of  laws  to specifically deal with impunity against public officials on duty.

The Ghanaian Times is also  worried  that the country’s image is gradually being dragged into the league of unsafe countries which could affect it negatively in the wake of the kidnappings. The paper believes that aside its psychological and physical effects on the victims, kidnapping exerts enormous and far reaching economic and social cost. It also create fear and panic for citizens. The paper believes it can  drive away investments and affect the tourism industry. The Times is therefore happy that the two kidnapped Canadian women have been rescued and urges  security agencies  to quickly unravel the case of the  three  kidnapped Takoradi girls.

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