The Daily Graphic is delighted that concerns with the commencement of the railway service is already receiving the attention of managers of the service. The Graphic believes in the attempt to ensure that the service becomes vibrant, the best way forward is to consider the public and peg the price of tickets at realistic rates, so that majority of the people can afford. The Graphic encourages the Ghana Railway Company to do more sensitisation to the benefits of using rail transport, especially in terms of saving time and getting to one’s destination without going through the stress of traffic. The Graphic urges GRCC to study best practices worldwide so far as rail transport is concerned to make that mode of transport as viable as Ghanaians want it to be and also sustainable.

The Ghanaian Times calls on government to brace itself up for more work as the creation of new regions needs lots of hard work. The paper says President Akufo-Addo has promised that resources will be shared equally among the newly created regions as they embark on their developmental journey. The Times commends government for setting up a committee of seven Ministers to plan the immediate short, medium- and long-term development of the new regions. It applauds the President on his desire to mentor the newly created regions for them to grow. The Times is therefore asking all in the newly created regions to bury their differences and work together regardless of where the capitals have been sited and trust government to fulfil its promise to them.

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