The Daily Graphic is not happy that Ghana has about 700,000 million tonnes of bauxite deposits at Nyinahin, Awaso and Kibi, but bauxite mined in the Country is unfortunately exported in its raw form, while VALCO, on the other hand, imports alumina for its work. The Graphic says it is aware of the employment benefits that will accrue to the country if the aluminium industry is integrated and the huge effects that it will have on the economy. It is for these and many other reasons that the Graphic commends government for the plans being rolled out to ensure the realisation of an integrated aluminium industry. The paper urges the board of the newly established Ghana Integrated Aluminium Development Corporation to dig deep into its repertoire of knowledge and experiences to fashion out policies that will help generate enough power that can sustain an integrated aluminium power.

The Ghanaian Times writes on the reported earth tremor that hit Accra last Saturday night. The paper says the state has a role to play in ensuring that emergency services and other contingency plans are in place in case of any disaster. The Times however, says in the event of a major earthquake in the country, it will be very dire. It urges government to institute measures to curtail any future effects of an earthquake in the Country.

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