The Daily Graphic is excited at the strides made by farmers in the Asante Akyem North District in the Ashanti Region for braving the odds to record a bumper harvest after years of battling with nomadic herdsmen. The paper  says though agriculture is a key part of the country’s economy, the structure of the sector is vulnerable because drought and other challenges of the weather pose risks for farmers relying on the rains to earn a living. It is in his regard that the paper suggests that there should be an establishment of micro irrigation projects for small holder farmers to produce more food to help the country achieve food security. The Graphic believes  the establishment of the  National Food Buffer Stock Company is timely and commendable because it will provide a guaranteed market for food grain and hopes  similar institutions would be established to cater for other crops.

The Daily Heritage is saddened that in this day and age Secondary School students contract candidiasis due to the bad loo facilities in their schools. According to the paper, some schools do not have water and toilet facilities at all and some of  those that have do not have enough to cater for the high number of students in their schools which becomes a risk to especially female students. It adds that in some schools the toilets are so full that the stench and heat they generate put off some students from patronising it while females that visit them stand the risk of contracting  diseases. The paper notes that a health screening at Bimbilla SHS in the northern region showed that out of 620 students tested 250 girls tested positive for candidiasis, a viginal infection caused mainly by insanitary conditions.

The Ghanaian Times reminds farmers and fishers of the important role they are playing in the socioeconomic development of the country. The paper commends the initiative to set aside the first Friday of every December to award deserving farmers and fishers for their untiring efforts at ensuring that Ghanaians have enough food on their tables. It also commends corporate bodies and individuals for the numerous and generous donations to support the government to reward farmers and fishers on the auspicious National Farmers Day. Even though they are faced with numerous challenges the paper believes farmers and fishers deserve the honour.

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