The Daily Graphic is unhappy about the frequent accidents on the roads. The paper cautions drivers to be extra careful on the roads and ensure they fulfil their part of the social contract between them and their passengers by carrying them to their destinations safely especially as the Yuletide approaches. The Graphic encourages the police to do their best to help reduce the number of accidents on the roads.

The Ghanaian Times says the royal visit to Ghana by Prince Charles and wife Camila is something that should continue to strengthen relations between the two countries. According to the paper, Ghana as a developing country has come of age as far as democratic credentials are concerned and is doing what it can to transform its socio-economic fortunes and thereby place the country on a higher pedestal of development. The Times therefore expects Ghana and the UK to continue working hard to improve upon the bilateral relations between them for the common good within that context of mutual respect, skillful diplomacy and productive development.

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