The Daily Graphic is worried about government’s inability to fix nonfunctioning traffic lights in the cities despite assurances by the Minister of Roads and Highways. The paper believes traffic lights are very crucial in ensuring safety on the roads as they regulate pedestrian and vehicular movement. According to the Graphic, more than twenty intersections across the country especially in Accra have partial or total malfunctioning traffic lights. The paper says in the absence of functioning traffic lights, personnel of the MTTD take positions at road intersections to ensure discipline on the road. The Graphic however says the Police are sometimes unable to do so because it is also constrained.

The Ghanaian Times submits that in building democratic institutions, the needs of society and the priorities of governing institutions be balanced. The paper says it is aware that Parliament does not have its own building as it now houses CHRAJ and EOCO. The paper believes as much it would like Parliament to have its own befitting edifice, the House must balance its needs and wants in view of the limited resources and the economic challenges confronting the country.

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