The Atewa Range Forest Reserve.

The Executive Director of AROCHA Ghana, a group against mining in the Atiwa forest, Daryl Bosu has cited a Chinese mining company which is making incursion into the Atewa forest.

The Atewa forest which has been designated as a Globally Significant Biodiversity Area inhabits some animal species which are considered to be extinct.

According to Daryl, mining in the Atiwa forest will destroy the water bodies such as the Ayensu, Densu and Birim rivers which serves as source of water to about five million people,

AROCHA Ghana, has been raising red flags against government’s decision to leverage bauxite deposit at the Atewa forest.

According to AROCHA, if government goes ahead with the plan, Ghana stands the risk of facing water crisis. Daryl Bosu is with AROCHA Ghana.

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