A Security Analyst and Former Director of Public Relations of the Ghana Armed Forces, Col. M’Bawine Atintande (Rtd) has called for harmony and mutual discretion in the sharing of information between journalists and security personnel.

He said the media must understand that security agencies have the obligation to avoid creating any security mishap with the amount of information they give out.

This, however, does not mean they should hoard information when they know it will help the media do their work effectively.

Col Atintande who spoke with GBC’s Jonathan Thompson on the sidelines of the Kofi Annan Peace and Security Forum in  Accra, also said the media needs a lot of capacity building on how to report stories on terrorism.

He said they need to be oriented on how to identify a terrorist and how to keep the confidentiality of their sources of information.

He said terrorism is a sensitive issue which demands a tactical approach in dealing with it in order not to put yourself and the entire society in danger. 

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