Worker Strike, always language understood by government?

Worker Strike, always language understood by government?

By Jacob Aggrey

The TUC has been threatening a nationwide strike if the government fails to adjust the salaries of Public Sector Workers to meet the increasing cost of living. While some workers think the move may be premature, others have lent their total support to the action. GBC News spoke to some sector workers to get their views on the threat by the TUC. Some workers said the strike will force the government to address the grievances of workers while others encouraged the TUC to properly negotiate a living wage.

“They have to negotiate. It’s a matter of negotiation. If you are not in favour of something, you have to sit down and talk about it. Going on strike will never solve your problem. The problem is that we have been embarking on a strike but negotiations help a lot. So they should consider negotiations and that will solve the problem and that is what I have to say”.

“Personally for me it’s very unfortunate and very tragic because I actually don’t understand how they expect us to be able to pay our transport and come to work in and out as well as buy food when we come to the workplace. But I understand it’s mainly because of the covid and all that but still the government needs to do something to kind of ease the burden. But I just pray that the government can work on something for us and then pay us as soon as possible”.

“I am working and things around me, my expenses have gone up and my income has not gone up. it’s not fair. That’s what has brought this suffering. Secondly, if your salary is not enough, it affects your pension. Your pension depends on what you were taking when you were in your active working years. So this decision is not far-fetched. We will support you because we are suffering”.

“There is hardship, do you understand and it doesn’t go with their salary. So if he is advocating salary increment for all workers in Ghana, it’s in the right direction. So I think his idea must be supported by all workers in Ghana in order to lessen the burden of hardship in their lives”.

“That’s their right and that is the only alternative to tell the government what they need and what they are expecting the government to do constitutionally. And I think we all know and believe and we agree with them that things are difficult”.

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