NAVASCO UE/R: “No food is leaving the hall” policy not in force due to lack of space

By: Peter Agengre

In a bid to give back to society, the old students association of Navrongo Senior High School (NAVASCO) in the Upper East Region (UE/R) deemed it necessary to come to the aid of their alma mater by donating some tables and benches for the school’s dining hall.

They observed there was the need for parents to support the government in taking care of the school because government alone cannot handle all their needs.

Presenting the items, a leader of the delegation Abdulai Anas Issaka advised the students to make good use of the furniture in order to encourage the Association to show commitment towards the development of the school.

“When we came for the 60th anniversary, as a group we walked to the dining hall to see what we can do to help. We realized the tables were not enough. So for today we are here with 15 dining hall tables and benches for our alma mater.” Abdul Anas Issaka explained.

Some of the students who spoke to GBC News indicated that the “No food is leaving the hall directive has since been violated during meals time in the school due to lack of sitting space.”

They said the benevolence of NABIA over the years have been overwhelming.

NAVASCO UE/R: “No food is leaving the hall” policy not in force due to lack of space

“In our SHS 1 time the tables were not many so we used to dine in batches. It was affecting our studies. These dining tables will help us a lot” Edward Achuwe said.

“We used to sit in the dining hall to eat but some of the tables became weak and got broken. Now, one table can be given to 14 students now during meals so that we all eat in the hall” another student explained.

The Headmistress of the School, Madam Mercy Babachuweh expressed appreciation for the donation.

She expressed gratitude to all members of the association for contributing largely to the advancement of the school in different aspects of life.

The students were advised to keep away from vices and embrace virtues so that they would grow up to become responsible, intelligent and successful adults.



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