Propagating the gospel with Creativity: The Fifi Folson Way

Fifi Folson
Fifi Folson.

By Jonathan Thompson

Talk about pure dedication and faithfulness to the cause of the cross and gospel, and Fifi Folson is an epitome—or, should I say, a living testament—of that sentiment.

Nothing is more fulfilling in life than doing the job you like, realising it is your calling, glorifying God with it, touching people’s lives and souls with it, and, of course, making money out of it. “S3 wo mp3 wei a, wo p3 di3n,” to wit, what else do you want if not this?

This hugely crafted stature of a handsome and silky-voiced broadcaster looked more to me like a broadcaster than an artist because he liked to preach.

We are talking way back in senior high school at Adisadel College, some 20-something years ago.

But the irony is that, as someone who would end up being a media professional, the best course at the SHS level should have been General Arts, consisting of reading subjects. However, Fifi Folson opted for a course that was creative but had to do with using the hands. He did Visual Arts.

With his visual arts background, I thought Fifi was headed to become an Architect and delve into the real estate business, but he rather ended up in the Media and he has never looked back since. Well, somehow, my guess for him in real estate is still visible in his broadcasting career since he hosted a serial programme about the real estate industry on TV some years back.

At secondary school, Fifi Folson was a humble and dedicated Christian who opted to lead morning and evening prayers among the students whenever there were such gatherings. He did it so well that there was no doubt about his future as a perfect Communicator.

No wonder he ended up beginning a career in the media, starting with radio at Sunny FM, where he held down the Drive Show for more than 10 years. His silky voice and heavily British style of accent is admirable and would bedazzle any category of audience. Plus, he has an impeccable flow and command of the language he broadcasts.

Fifi Folson is not only a Christian Broadcaster but also a professional Master of Ceremonies (MC) and Events Manager. He was also the main presenter for Footprint TV, a Christian entertainment magazine show, which later became a whole TV Network before Fifi parted ways with them.

Fifi Folson is currently a Gospel presenter at JOY FM and interviews gospel musicians, preachers, and other personalities in gospel entertainment and ministry.

He is also the Founder and CEO of the KristoCentric Station, an online radio platform which churns out creatively inspirational, entertaining, and spiritually impacting Christian programmes.

Fifi Folson is one Christian Broadcaster worth celebrating for projecting the gospel in an entertaining and creatively inspiring way.

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