A senior officer at the Nsawam Prisons has revealed that the main suspect in the murder trial of former Abuakwa North MP Daniel Asiedu alias ‘sexy dondon’ nearly killed an officer in the prison yard.

Explaining the incident to the court the officer said his colleague took a phone from Daniel Asiedu, an item which is prohibited in the prisons.

Daniel who was obviously not happy with the development picked a weapon at the blind side of the officer and nearly stabbed him but for a swift response from the officer.

The officer told the court that after the act, Asiedu told the other officer that he was lucky and that he would have killed him like the other man. The revelation came after Asiedu reported the Prisons Officials to the judge that they have been torturing him.

After a close examination of Daniels’s body by his lawyer, the Judge and the Prosecution, it was realised that indeed he had some marks at his back.

But the Prison Officer denied beating him saying they only confined him at a lone cell after the attack on the officer.

He said they believe he intentionally inflicted the wounds on himself to make a case out of it.

Lawyer Augustine Obour, prayed the court to grant his client bail because he can be beaten to death should he be taken back to the Prisons.

But State Attorney Sefarko Batse, asked the court to ignore him because he is fond of making complaints and similar assertions.

Justice George Boadi who was not happy with the development asked the prison authorities to respect the right of the accused person and give him the maximum care and security he needs.

He, however, denied the bail saying keeping Asiedu in Prison is good for his own safety. Meanwhile, the court has declared Daniel Asiedu as mentally fit to stand trial.

This was after the defense lawyer concluded his cross-examination of the medical officer who examined his mental status and declared him mentally sound.

The case has been adjourned to the 23rd of this month.

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