The National Identification Authority (NIA), has asked the public to comply with instructions from its officials in order to avoid long queues at its centres and also prevent needless risks.

Speaking in an interview with GBC’s Radio Ghana, the P.R.O of the Authority, Francis Palmdetti assured the public of registering every eligible Ghanaian and so there is no need to rush or take risks just to get registered.

Mr. Palmdetti’s assurance comes after a woman is alleged to have collapsed and died in the process waiting to be registered.

Fimey Dzatugbi, 54, mother of four, is said to have died after she fell unconscious in a queue for the Ghana Card registration at Ave-Hevi in the Akatsi North District of the Volta Region.

She was pronounced dead minutes after she was rushed to Atsikume Clinic.

The deceased, who hails from Ave-Gborxoxome was alleged to have spent the previous night at the centre with a few others, so that they could have the opportunity to be registered early for the card.

Eyewitnesses said Madam Dzatugbi slumped over in the queue and was rushed to the Clinic, some kilometres away but was pronounced dead on arrival.

It was gathered that two women also collapsed in the queue at Ave-Hevi.

A middle-aged woman was also bitten by a snake at Abutia-Kloe in the Ho West District while sleeping at a registration centre to get registered early.

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