My checks revealed that the national Broadcaster GBC is among the few media outlets that put in their bid for the broadcast right of the upcoming 2019/2020 Ghana Premier League.

If this is true then honorable Minister of Youth And Sports and President of GFA, I think your work has been made easy on deciding who should be the broadcast right holders of the Ghana Premier League 2019/2020 season.

Mr GFA President and Hon Sports Minister, the records are that only eight hundred thousand (800,000) out of over thirty (30 ) million people have access to digital boxes or decoders if you like, and on record, I also know that government is willing to sponsor the league which is very important. Mr President won’t it be equally important if more than twenty (20 ) million people or Ghanaians have direct access to a free to air TV ???

Ghana football is coming back after the negatives of #12. It is important to make it accessible to all Ghanaians but not to lock it on a decoder, hence GBC.

Mr President and my Honorable Minister as old people say, “Sense is not in only one man’s head.”

My humble appeal is that in giving the broadcast rights out to a deserving institution, the National broadcaster GBC should be considered.

The national broadcaster came to the rescue of Ghana football when the majority of those so called, “Ma try Ma kw3”, institutions biding now rejected and showed their back to Dr Kofi Amoah when he called on them for the NC special competition because there were no gains.


To be continued.

Writer: Jacob Narh.


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