John Mahama speaks against State funding of Political Parties ahead of election 2024


With about 20 months until the 2024 General Election, the issue of opaque political party campaign financing and the state funding of political parties have begun gaining public discourse.

Delivering the keynote address on “Financing Political Campaigns, the Ghana We Want: The Case for A More Transparent and Broad-based Citizen Participation,” at the University of Professional Studies, Accra, NDC Flagbearer aspirant and former President, John Dramani Mahama, called for a reform in the financing regime for political party activities in Ghana.

 He, however, kicked against the call on the state to finance political parties.

The former President said whereas some political actors have advocated state sponsorship for political parties, Ghana is broke and cannot, at the moment, absorb additional expenditure streams.

He, therefore, called on political parties and Civil Society Organizations to adopt the use of financial technology to raise funds from a wide section of society both within and outside Ghana.

This, the former President said, will guarantee a more transparent and broad-based citizen participation in the financing of political campaigns.

Former President Mahama used the occasion to launch the John Mahama 2024 Campaign FundRaising Platform.


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