Judicial Service cautions media to refrain from inciting hate against justices


The Judicial Service has cautioned media houses to refrain from publishing statements that incite “anger, hate and passion” against the justices presiding over the election petition case.

The Service’s caution, which was contained in a statement, comes on the back of what it calls a “flurry of statements and speeches” directed at justices hearing the case. It believes such statements have the tendency of “bringing the administration of justice into disrepute as unsuspecting Ghanaians are being deliberately misinformed and manipulated”.

The Service demands a withdrawal of such “hateful” stories. It also asks the public to be cautious in expressing dissatisfaction with the decisions of the court. The Service’s statement comes days after a former Deputy Attorney General, Dr. Dominic Ayine was cited for contempt of court.

Dr. Ayine is reported to have accused the seven-member Supreme Court panel hearing the election petition case of having a “predetermined agenda” to rule against the petitioner, John Dramani Mahama. He was thus summoned before the Supreme Court on Monday, after making the contemptuous comment. He subsequently admitted in court that he “crossed the line” and appealed to the court for clemency.

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