Mixed reactions trail survey on Election 2020


Survey on the 2020 General Elections in the Asunafo North and South Districts of the Ahafo Region and Banda and Tain Districts in the Bono Region came up with 76 percent of respondents saying they will vote in the 2020 Elections, while 11.6 per cent say they will not vote due to lack of confidence in politicians.

The survey was held under a project dubbed; Managing Election 2020 for Democratic Stability.

It is being conducted by Global Media Foundation and other Organizations.

GBC’s John Sam-Arthur reports that the main objective of the collaborators is to contribute to a peaceful general election this year. The ¢215,000 project is supported by STAR-Ghana and the collaborators on it include Global Media Foundation and Tim Africa Aid Ghana.

The survey was carried out in 20 communities in four districts of the Bono and Ahafo Regions. In all, it had 180 respondents which included people with disabilities, political activists, government officials, MCCEs and Electoral Commission officials and staff of district Assemblies.

Listen to attached audio for detailed information.

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