The Director of Electoral Services at the EC, Dr. Serebour Quaicoo has admitted that the EC encountered some challenges at the start of the Exhibition of the Voters Register, that is why it thought it wise to extend the exercise by three days.

Exhibition of the voters’ register which began September  10, now ends September 20.

According to the EC, during the period the electorate are required to check their names and bio-data information to ensure that these are correctly captured in the voters’ register.

Also, registered voters are expected to provide information to help expunge the names of dead relatives and unqualified persons who may have been listed.

On the question of citizens’ apathy towards the exercise, Dr. Quaicoo disagreed with the generalization of the issue, saying the low turn-out is usually reported in urban areas.

He made a last-minute appeal to all to go and check their names in the voters register to avoid unnecessary complaints on election day.

When asked if a three-day extension of would take care of the current challenges with the exhibition, Dr. Quaicoo said ”technically all the people in the register will be using on day to vote, so if everybody were to go as expected, one day is enough”.

He said the days are enough provided the electorate are prepared to go and check their names and take care of all anomalies ahead of the impending elections.

The EC official said one person can volunteer to check the names and particulars of all persons in a household , the only set back is the person’s inability to effect any corrections. This Dr. Serebour Quaicoo said is to avoid impersonations.

He appealed to all to help clean-up the voters register by helping to remove names of dead relatives, explaining that ,the exercise is a civic responsibly and everyone must come on board to ensure that Ghana produces a credible register for elections.

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