Tuesday, December 17 will witness yet another historic event in the history of Ghana’s local governance system when the citizenry are expected to turn out in our numbers to vote for our Assembly members and unit committee members. The day should have also featured the much talked about referendum which was aimed at paving the way for MMDCEs to be elected on partisan basis later next year. Unfortunately, the President Akufo-Addo had cause the suspend the referendum citing the lack of consensus of the exercise. But it as it may, the EC has assured the nation that preparations are complete for Tuesday’s District Assembly and Unit Committee election throughout the country.

Looking at the essence of the local government to national development, it is only prudent and important for all qualified voters to go to the polls on Tuesday from 7am to 5pm to vote for those they believe can serve their interest. Despite signals of voters apathy from researchers conducted by recognised democratic bodies such as the CDD and Imani Africa, it is essential that Ghanaians recognise their role in bringing governance to their door-steps. Infact, whether we like it or not and for whatever reasons perhaps because of disappointment from our political leaders one cannot but urge all and sundry to bury whatever internal frustration to participate in the elections to ensure competent and efficient local government system.

In the developed world, the governance architecture depends on efficient and effective local governance therefore if as a people we want our education system, health and sanitation as well as our roads and flood systems to inure to our benefit than our willingness and decision to participate in the District Assembly election is the way to go. Indeed, a good and strong local government system is the panacea to a national competent government administration. What Ghanaians also need to do is to consolidate our democratic governance by turning in our numbers to vote for competent and knowledgeable people with clear leadership qualities and passion.

The world is watching Ghana once again and we all expect that as a nation, we exhibit patience, tolerance and allow for peaceful elections. The Police and other security apparatus who would be deployed to maintain law and order at the poling centres must ensure that nobody takes the nation for a ride. We have done this several times and we must repeat it again tomorrow to ensure a peaceful nation.

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