‘The Recruitment’ premieres at Silverbird Cinemas


The Ultimate Film Production has come out with one of the most amazing movies to curb the national issue of unemployment with the latest movie, ‘The Recruitment’.

The premiere of the film at the Accra Mall Silverbird Cinemas took place on Saturday, May 13. Thousands of people in the capital filled the hall to watch the movie.

Speaking to Nation 1 TV, the Director of Ultimate Film Production, Malique Issah Musa, said the scriptwriter was inspired by the rate of unemployment in the country. He said the movie does not only talk about certificates as a requirement for securing a job, but also about one’s morality and behaviour when going for a job interview.

Malique Issah Musa.

He said the movie is going to affect lives positively, and those who watch it will learn how to carry themselves for job interviews.

He continued that, though the movie industry is struggling at the moment, it can get to the top with time. 

Magnus Brooks, the Supervising Producer for the film, said the film is a must-watch for everyone, especially university students. According to him, anyone who watches the movie will be presented with the ingredients they need in order to enter the job site, aside from their certificates.

Magnus Brooks.

He said the movie, which talks about job employment, interviews, entrepreneurship, skills, and attitudes for job interviews, is the first of its kind.

He expressed his interest in the growth of the movie industry saying this can happen when the industry players support and promote each other.

Divine Jones, who is known as Major in the industry, is the writer and director of the film.
He said the film addresses the thematic issues of respect for the elderly and discipline within the job sector.

Writer and director, Divine Jones (Major).

He continued that the film has to do with how to prepare for a job interview; it has to do with the youth unemployment situation in the country. 

He advised film makers to produce quality movies that will be bought by Netflix, Amazon, Showmax, or DStv, and not only think about filling cinemas.

Finally, Ina Geldner, a German actor in the movie, recounted the challenge of shooting a movie in Ghana. She said that it is more difficult to make a movie in Ghana than in Germany. She, however, expressed her delight in seeing the movie premiere.

German actor, Ina Geldner.

She revealed that the Ghanaian movie industry lacks support and funding from governments. This, she said. is crippling the growth of the industry. She advised the future government to put more funding into the film industry for it to grow.

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