Over the years, motorbikes have increasingly been used to transport persons and goods from one destination to another. Some individuals use these motorbikes popularly known as “Okada” for commercial purposes.

Though “Okada” is not currently permitted in the country for commercial purpose, it has seemingly been accepted by a section of Ghanaians especially those it benefits and they point a lot of reasons why it must be legalized.

However, the past few years have seen a massive rise in the use of “Okada” and tricycle for commercial use. For instance, in Accra, “Okada” business is on the exponential rise with operators spread along the streets battling with taxi drivers for passengers to make earns meet.

In an interview with GBC news, some traders in the city expressed that “Okada”, especially the tricycle is fast and convenient in conveying of goods and very economical as compared to taxi fares.

Kwame Adjetia, a student who uses “Okada” as a means of transport to school shared his opinion and appealed to the government to legalize the patronage of “Okada” since is very fast to beat traffic on the road.

Although the debate and opinions on the legalization of “Okada” continues, officials of the Ghana Police’s Mottor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) have strongly spoken against “Okada” for commercial use.

Furthermore, National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) stands on its grounds that more people are being knocked down by these motorists almost everyday both young and old.

The debate still ranges on the legalization of motorbikes popularly known as “Okada” for commercial purpose. But the question still remains, will legalizing motorbike in Ghana for commercial use serve as a quick mode of transport or a death trap?.

Story by: Maame Owusuaa

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