The Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, Marie Royce has called for more exchange programmes between US and Ghanaian students.

Madam Royce said her country appreciates Ghanaian students and would readily collaborate with Universities in Ghana to embark on research in different backgrounds.

She made these comments at the opening ceremony of the Alumni Thematic International Exchange Seminar in Accra.

Mad. Marie Royce announced a ten thousand dollar ($10,000) grant for the alumni to help provide solutions in communities in their home country, under its Academy for Women Entrepreneurs Programme.

The seminar which is expected to last for 3 days brought together 40 U.S alumni in exchange programs from 14 African countries.

They include Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Cameroun and Kenya. Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, Merie Royce highlighted the importance of Ghana- US relations especially in education.

She said:, “The US fully appreciates having Ghanaian students and we also want our students to come to Ghana, that is very important to us. And we have been very successful in this back and forth exchange”

The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs Programme’s target is to reach more than 500 women in 26 countries, 10 of which are in Africa.

Mad. Royce invited applications from the alumni for the 10 thousand dollar grants. She added that applicants should “have a clear plan” before applying for the grant.

The seminar focused on “Strenghtening Business and Trade for women enterpreneurs in Africa “.

Story by Nathaniel Nartey.

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