You’re lying! Wiyaala denounces Rita Etornam Sey’s claims on sanitary pads

Wiyaala, Ghanaian musician.

By: Roberta Gayode Modin

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Inspire Today, Rita Etornam Sey has incurred the wrath of many Ghanaians over claims that girls in the Northern parts of Ghana use clay as a substitute for sanitary pads.

In a series of media interviews ahead of the 2023 World Menstrual Hygiene Day, Ms. Sey admonished women to take their menstrual hygiene seriously. She also disclosed some unhygienic materials girls are compelled to use during menstruation due to their inability to afford sanitary pads.

“For Inspire Today, over the period, the places we have been to, the girls use all manner of materials for menstruation. Some use newspapers; we went to the North, some of the girls use clay as substitute for sanitary pads. We have people using reading materials and textbooks that we donated to them,” Ms. Sey stated on the state broadcaster, GTV.

In a short rebuttal video, the Young Lioness of Africa, Wiyaala, has called on the public to disregard the claims made by the CEO of Inspire Today, describing it as a “lie”.

“So somebody is wearing a material and still use clay,” she exclaimed, “eei,” and laughed out loud in sheer astonishment.

“My sister, I’m not attacking you and I don’t know why you said that and what you want to achieve by telling that lie. I’m not even going to ask you to prove it because it is a lie,” Wiyaala added.

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