Australian chef's 154-cheese pizza breaks Guinness record


An Australian pizza chef broke a Guinness World Record by putting together a pie with 154 varieties of cheese on top.

Johnny di Francesco, chef at 400 Gradi in Melbourne, formerly held the Guinness World Record record for greatest variety of cheese on a pizza when he created a 99-cheese pizza, but he lost the record when someone else upped the cheese content to 111 varieties.

The chef decided to recapture the record with a 154-cheese pizza.

“While the 154-cheese pizza may not have been a culinary impossibility, it was certainly a culinary challenge! We knew it was an ambitious idea, but probably more-so than first anticipated,” di Francesco said.

“We also needed to be sure each individual cheese was distinct enough from the next, yet complimentary to each flavor, and could blend really well together once combined,” he said. “The cheeses included the likes of gorgonzola, pecorino, Taleggio, aged cheddar, gouda and of course, many more!”

The chef said the “Cheesy Pizza” was a hit with customers and sold a total 797 in just five days.

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