Follow your children on all Social Platforms-  Cyber Expert

David Gyedu.

By Lucy Mawufemor Kpeglo 

The CEO of CyberDefense, David Gyedu, has advised on the need for parents to monitor their children’s activities on all social media platforms to ensure child safety.

The CEO spoke about Child Online Safety in a discussion on the GTV Breakfast Show, where he gave insight into how children can be safe while using the internet.

He stressed the importance of children following the world of the internet and the threats they can encounter, including cyberbullying, harassment, and many other threats which can influence the behaviour of children.

Mr. Gyedu said, ”due to the threats on social media, parents have the obligation to monitor their wards.”

The CEO mentioned a tool which parents can use to monitor their wards.

He said, ”Google Family Link is an Application you can,…. parents can install on their mobile phones.”

“Where ever my child is, I can get the apps that my son is using, I can restrict some of the app my child is using, Even I can set time locks . After 5pm I don’t want my child to be on social media,” he said.

He further advised children to be careful of what they do on the internet.

“Whatever you come online to do, there are bad people there waiting for you, so whatever you do, be careful. Let mummy know what you do,” he concluded.

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