TELCOS commit to ensure successful SIM re-registration

All Mobile Network Operators, App Designers and the National Communications Authority, NCA say they are committed to collaborating to ensure the success of the ongoing re-registration exercise.

This they say will be done by working to improve customer experience at various registration centers to reduce and eliminate long queues at Stage two of the registration. To this end Mobile Network Operators said they will take urgent steps to increase the number of agents and staff undertaking the biometric capture at the stage two of the exercise, open up additional registration points and increase the number of devices for the biometric capture.

They will also publish the locations for the SIM Re- Registration for subscribers to easily locate Centers close to them. This came up at a meeting with Chief Executive Officers of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and the developers of the SIM Card Registration Application.

The meeting follows recent reports of subscriber challenges encountered in the ongoing SIM Card Registration exercise which began on October 1, 2021.

The meeting was to review and outline solutions for the issues identified with the exercise with specific focus on improving subscriber experience. At the meeting, the Mobile Network Operators said there will be continuous updates of the SIM card registration application to ensure it is robust and efficient at all times.


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